Western Cape Gov. confirms – Amy Foundation in good hands

An audit, resulting in a monitoring and evaluation report issued by the Western Cape department of Social Development has given the Amy Foundation a clean bill of health. The findings were issued on 28 November 2018.

“We are committed to good governance and ethical management. This is evidenced by clean independent audits over the years. Our audited financial statements have always been, and continue to be, open to public scrutiny,” explains Kevin Chaplin, managing director of the Amy Foundation.

“Contrary to earlier media reports, this audit report confirms beyond doubt what I’ve been saying repeatedly for the last month. I have said on several occasions that unsubstantiated allegations were made with no evidence to prove that there is anything irregular at the Amy Foundation. This report shows everything is above board. Unfortunately, much of the reputation damage is done and I hope that this report helps to restore public trust in the Foundation.”

Chaplin says the current economic climate in South Africa makes it more challenging to attract financial support for the NPO sector.

“But because it is challenging does not mean it is impossible. As an organisation, we have remained resolutely committed to serving the youth of South Africa. Our mission and vision of educating and empowering our youngsters and turning them into emotionally well rounded citizens of South African remains paramount.

“I’ve been committed to the Amy Foundation for the past 12 years and plan to continue working with our donors and other stakeholders to overcome our current difficulties.

“The Amy Foundation is a credible, well-run and transparent organisation, governed by a respected board of Trustees and audited externally. Anyone who studies the facts will agree that our organisation is in good hands,” says Chaplin.





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