Vacancy : Logistics Co-ordinator

The Logistics Co-ordinator will be responsible for the following:

  • Creating and managing the organization’s overall logistics schedule
  • Receiving, evaluating and collating all transport requests and transport needs of the organization
  • Liaising directly with service providers, programme partners and others on communications related to logistics and transport for the entire organization
  • Allocating vehicles and tasks to two full-time drivers as well as to other programme staff who drive
  • Ensuring entire company fleet of six vehicles is well-maintained, insured and serviced regularly
  • Organizing and managing all traffic fines, vehicle licensing and related administration
  • Scheduling, planning and organising all administration and logistics as related to incoming tours and visitors to the organization, liaising with and delegating directly to the drivers who are also tour guides
  • Providing daily ongoing operational support to staff to ensure our many programmes run smoothly
  • Enforcing the programme staff’s time management to ensure the logistics schedule is maintained
  • Enforcing logistics rules and policies to ensure there is no misuse or abuse of company vehicles
  • Ensuring quality asset management of company vehicles as well as programme assets, including all programme materials and equipment which are distributed across our five afterschool centres
  • Working based at programme offices 75% of the time and fulfilling driving duties for the remaining 25%

Please contact or call 021 447 1690.