VACANCY : Academic Programme Coordinator

Academic Programme Coordinator

 Duties and responsibility

  • To ensure all deadlines are met.
  • To ensure a weekly attendance register for all Facilitators and children are completed and submitted adequately (Satisfactory) to the assistant Programme Manager for approval every Friday on time.
  • Ensure all time sheets of facilitators completed and submitted adequately (Satisfactory) to the assistant Programme Manager   for approval every Friday on time.
  • To ensure work  load  are  distributed, Coordinate  and  manage to  all facilitators by  supporting  and building team spirit for  the progression and  success of the centre.
  • To ensure on  going  assessments are  conducted  by  identifying   the   needs  and  abilities  of  each  school  regarding  their  reading, writing and   literacy level.
  • To ensure necessary resources are acquired for the development of the programme
  • Ensure all facilitators have the necessary material required to conduct lessons.
  • Ensuring all resources are declared on record and managed.To ensure on going and Constant communication are conducted to all After School Care Facilitators and relevant community organizations and government departments.
  • To ensure High standards of delivery are set and maintained to all facilitators and children.
  • Ensure weekly lesson plans are completed and  distributed to all facilitators.
  • Ensure quarterly learners assessment  are  conducted
  • To Attend weekly staff meetings by providing comprehensive feedback and submission of reports
  • To attend review  meetings  every  term by providing  written  reports  of goal  setting and  evaluation  of
  • To ensure a good relationship and communication is maintained with teachers and schools.
  • To organize and coordinate special events related to the programme
  • Ensure a strategic  plan  is  in  place by  implementing  and focusing on short  and  medium  term  goals
  • To ensure an  overall and a comprehensive  literacy  programme  is  formulated  to  identify  the  needs  of  each school reading  and  writing
  •   To Develop and implement a curriculum  (CAP) in aligned with  the  Amy Foundation by  creating  literacy program which  focuses on  learners  between Grade R to grade 7( English second language learners).

For more information please contact or call  021 447 1690.