Storytelling workshop with Soli Philander

Bonteheuwel High School hosted the well known personality Soli Philander for the last two weeks.  The Foundation was lucky enough to be chosen to run two one week Story Telling Workshops for 40 high school learners from Grade 10 and up funded by Community Chest and The Jakes Gerwel Foundation.

The process of building and telling a story was one that was very new to all our learners.  Some feedback received from the learners included,  “I will def use what I have learned in the future…”;  “It is good to hear something you never heard before…” and  “I learned a lot and loved the workshop”.

Overall the workshop was a tremendous success… one that we hope will continue well into the future.

When chatting to Soli as to why he thought this process was important, he had this to say, “At the basis of most endeavor sits the story – as idea, belief, motivator, theme, vehicle, facilitator, dream-maker, change agent, inspiration, among others.  Very little happens practically and creatively without the story. I believe for young people in the world right now there is a need to be able to  articulate, present and illuminate “My Story “. I intend with these workshops to share my knowledge, experience, insights to help these youngsters produce their stories. I believe we need to hear these voices. ”

Thank you Soli Philander for helping us to change these young lives!