Sinalo was born and raised in Gugulethu, and joined the Amy Foundation’s after-school programme this year. She is part of the life skills programme, where students learn about peer pressure in drugs, sex, alcohol, and gangs, as well as general literacy and numeracy skills. Naturally good at reading and maths, Sinalo loves to study and learn and aspires to be a doctor. 

She is fifteen years old and lives with her older and younger sister, as her parents passed away, her father from a car accident when she was very young and her mother only a few years ago from sickness. Many children in underprivileged communities grow up with one or no parents and face a lifetime of lasting trauma surrounding the lack of parental figures. But Sinalo is focused on her career, determined to be a doctor. “I want to be a doctor. I will study hard, I will do whatever I need to do.” She has good marks in school and is working towards university. Loyal to her community, Sinalo plans to stay in Gugulethu, loving the place she grew up in despite the violence and poverty. 


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