HIV/AIDS Prevention & Life Skills

The main focus of the peer education and HIV/AIDS Prevention programmes, is to engage young people at the local schools in our area to think positively, make informed choices and assist them visualizing the bigger picture out of the stigmatic box as we are working in the township. We do life skills within the classes and run awareness lessons on HIV/Aids, Teenage pregnancy and substance abuse, have weekly chat rooms to discuss issues pressing societal,  via drama, debate, walk and talk and poetry sessions.

Our sessions usually start with an ice-breaker which is fun and a good way to start the lesson. We have discussed various social topics that we face in our generation. We often have debates on certain topics we may not agree with. The debates and discussions are very interesting because they require peers to actually think about certain issues discussed which may change their personal views and opinions. Participants really enjoy how all peers may conduct a session on a topic they are passionate about either social or personal. These sessions in Peer Education are very influential from learning so much from one another and encourage them to make a difference in their community as well as being role models to their younger peers.

Besides the after-school programme we have a morning programme where we have implemented a crisis counseling programme at the schools. This programme is where facilitators do counseling  sessions with the kids, refer the cases they can’t handle to the Learner Support officers. This programme is open for every child at the school and has reached many children. They also work very closely with the liaison teachers and the principals in doing class activities with grades 1 to 3, assisting in preparing assessments and creating workshops and awareness in the schools and they follow the schools events calendar and Amy Foundation  action plan.

We run this programme in four after school centres (viz. Impendulo, Siyazingisa, Vukukhanye & Bongolethu) and three Primary schools (viz. Isigcawu , Stormont & Bongolethu) during the school  day and our greatest highlight in 2017 is to implement the after-school programme at Impendulo and Siyazingisa after-school. Everyday the programme serves more than 300 students.

For more information on how to get involved please contact the office on 021 447 1690.

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