Academic Support

The Literacy Programme supports advancement of literacy levels among pre-school and primary school students. It includes the Foundation Phase for grades R-3 and the Intermediate Phase for grades 4-7. The programme runs in four different school centers from 15h30 to 17h00 every week Monday through Thursday after school. These programmes aim to develop a culture and love for reading by:

  • Supplementing the National English curriculum in fun and interactive ways to strengthen the English writing, reading, and speaking skills.
  • Running weekly reading clubs at the after school centers. Inviting guests readers to read to our learners and to engage them in conversations surrounding the monthly theme.
  • Arranging educational outings.
  • Running a morning literacy programme that supports English teachers in the classroom.
  • Training our facilitators to utilize word games, writing exercises, role play, and paired and shared reading to encourage practical use of the English language.

To volunteer as guest a reader please contact:

Become a Tutor

Become A Tutor

To become a tutor, simply click here to download the Tutor Sign Up form.

Once completed, simply upload it using the form below.

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Also feel free to call us on 021 447 1690

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Supporters of the Academic Programme:

A huge thank you and appreciation to Rollins Campus for making reading and learning so much fun for our learners in the Interfaith classes with Marlene Silbert.
Most importantly for helping us teach a love of reading amongst our learners.