• Audited Financial Statements year ending February 2018

    The Amy Foundation subscribes to sound financial practices, provides its board with financial reports and statements regularly, conducts annual AGM’s and also participates in an external audit annually. Financial sustainability is focused on securing long-term donor support and improving the Foundation’s self-sufficiency as well as diversifying our income stream. We are proud to present the latest Amy […]

  • Name change for The Amy Biehl Foundation : Press Release – September 2016

    Press release for immediate release Name change for The Amy Biehl Foundation September 2016 At the commemoration of the 23 years since the tragic death of Amy Biehl the South African Amy Biehl Foundation announced a name change and will in future be known as the Amy Foundation. With commitments in the USA it became […]

  • Statement on protests at the Amy Foundation

    Statement on protests at the Amy Foundation 20 November 2018 The Amy Foundation has been working successfully with children and youth since 1997. Several programmes were established in challenged and vulnerable communities. We’re currently helping about 2000 youngsters daily. We have had significant success in nurturing children, developing skills and finding employment for youth, establishing […]

  • Amy Foundation Statement

    The Amy Foundation, formerly The Amy Biehl Foundation, has been serving children and youth of South Africa since 1997. Our mission and vision of educating and empowering our youngsters and turning them into emotionally well rounded citizens of South African remains paramount. The Amy Foundation is a credible and transparent organisation, is governed by a […]

  • Storytelling workshop with Soli Philander

    Bonteheuwel High School hosted the well known personality Soli Philander for the last two weeks.  The Foundation was lucky enough to be chosen to run two one week Story Telling Workshops for 40 high school learners from Grade 10 and up funded by Community Chest and The Jakes Gerwel Foundation. The process of building and […]