Jayden is fourteen years old and part of the Amy Foundation’s dance after-school programme in Bonteheuwel. He comes from a family of dancers, and they have always encouraged him to pursue his passions and ignore negative comments from people around him. All over the world, dance is commonly viewed as a woman’s sport, though men are equally talented in the field. Some of Jayden’s peers, people he viewed as friends, bullied him for loving dance, but with the support of his family he cut them out of his life and moved on. It was difficult, but he has now found a supportive group of friends that encourage him instead of putting him down. 

Besides dance, Jayden loves to watch TV and movies and has drawn inspiration from films from all over the world. “I have to become something in life, and for that I have to learn. I found that out on TV, like the news.” He dreams of being a firefighter after he earns his matric, inspired by the bravery of the firefighters on Chicago Fire. After that, he hopes to settle down as a teacher, hoping to inspire kids that were once in the same position as he was, unsure of what their passions were and searching for a positive role model in their community. Jayden wants to be that person, the positive role model that changes the community. 

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