As a non-profit organization, the Amy Foundation (AF) recognizes and appreciates the contributions made by local and foreign volunteers. Similar to the ABF employees, the volunteer force consists of people of all ages, backgrounds, races and experiences. This creates a unique and diverse atmosphere, both in the office and in the schools. Volunteers are given a lot of freedom in terms of tasks.

Over 40 international volunteers pass through our door each year. Volunteers come with their own ideas and expectations. Some even think they can change the world in a few weeks. Whatever they expect no one can fail to be impressed by the courage, optimism and sheer determination of our students in the poor Township schools. They face challenges every day, but nothing deters their humour and zest for life.

 The challenge for the volunteer is to help make something of this enthusiasm by their positive leadership and team spirit, attitude is more important than skill.

To inspire a young person by being a good role model is both generous and rewarding.

 This is the most dynamically developing continent in the world. Volunteering with The Amy Biehl Foundation will make you part of that. You learn a confidence and self-reliance that just cannot be taught. You also learn to understand some of the positive characteristics of African culture from the children themselves.

No one can volunteer with an organisation like ours without being changed: for some it a life changing experience, they re-evaluate their goals and ambitions. Others reflect on how lucky they are to have had the opportunities given to them and to embrace the opportunities that they will have in the future.

All our volunteers are involved with the After School programmes.

These programmes run from Monday to Thursday from 15.00 until 17.00 and these classes include:

  • Music including Violin, Guitar, Marimba, Choral Singing and Brass
  • HIV/AIDS Peer Education & Prevention
  • Sport including soccer, netball and hockey
  • Computer Literacy
  • Greening and Environmental
  • Literacy
  • Creative Arts including Painting, Drama, Dance, Kwaito, Modern, Traditional and Ballet

During school holidays, the foundation runs camps and holiday programs. Additionally, there are regular weekend trips you may want to get involved with (i.e. hiking with the children).
During the morning hours (9.00 until 13.00), you can choose to do additional work in the office, or get involved with daytime projects (i.e. reading, greening and environment as well as HIV/ Aids Peer Education and Mathematics).

We require a minimum commitment of 8 weeks and prefer volunteers to be aged 18 years and older.

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