DSD Performance Monitoring Report

We are very proud to provide the final signed off Western Cape Provincial Government, Department of Social Development (DSD) audit, culminating in the attached Performance Monitoring and Evaluation report.  It can be noted that the Amy Foundation has done quite well in the assessment of the report and have scored well on all the criteria of governance, planning, accountability etc.


In essence, as falsely alleged by a disgruntled staff member, no fraud or corruption was detected. Late submission of Audited Financial Statements was to be expected, and understood, by the Department as the Auditors only signed off the Final Audited Financials in November.

As pointed out by the Department, the qualified opinion given by the Auditor, is common to NGO’s. This opinion is related to NGO’s that do not have control over income such as a private business entities would have who can predict what their income should be based on sales and they have control measures in place for that. NGO’s on the other hand are dependent on the benevolence of donors which is not always predictable and fixed.


Following a meeting with DSD, Amy Foundation is fully  compliant. A transfer Payment Agreement together with a Certificate of Registration has been issued due to the positive outcome of the report.


Thank you DSD for your support and assistance.


To download the report, Please click here.