Chantal is climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Amy Foundation.

Amy Foundation supporters let’s show Chantal love as she is preparing to venture on the historic journey of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the Foundation. Her aim is to raise R193 450 the process is so easy all you have to do is visit the BackaBuddy website and donate money to Chantal’s great cause.

We wish her all of the breaths and endurance on her journey.

There is a quote that says: “To analyze Love is to destroy Love.”

Love is not an emotion, but a way of being and relating to the world. I have always relied on my mind and logic throughout this ‘Journey of life’, and I have challenged myself to walk from the Southern Point of Africa, Cape Town, to the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, to prove that although it may be a psychical journey, love conquers all. I am going to the House of God as it is called by the native Tanzanians, to serve a higher purpose and calling in the name of Love.

Sir. Edmund Hillary said that it is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. Surrendering my baggage, bringing an end to the mental roadblocks, physical excuses and emotional shackles and initiating a celebration of love through.

The Amy Foundation was born for Love, which has allowed for forgiveness, peace, caring, respect and growth to take a foothold, all of which is needed to create a better world. For this purpose, I would request your assistance in helping me walk to 19 345 feet for the Amy Foundation which will help us raise R193 450 (only R10 per foot) which in turn will help change 38 young lives.


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