Amy Foundation Statement

The Amy Foundation, formerly The Amy Biehl Foundation, has been serving children and youth of South Africa since 1997. Our mission and vision of educating and empowering our youngsters and turning them into emotionally well rounded citizens of South African remains paramount. The Amy Foundation is a credible and transparent organisation, is governed by a board of Trustees and audited externally.

There have been certain false accusations made.

Current events and complaints lodged by certain staff members appear to be done so with the intent of questioning the mission, vision and integrity of both Management and the Foundation. The accusations lodged by these employees are false. 

These events are unfortunate but we would like to assure donors, supporters, staff and our beneficiaries that the focus of Management and Amy Foundation has always been and will continue to always be to change the lives of all our beneficiaries, regardless of culture, creed
or race. 

We are seeking legal recourse and will endeavor to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

We thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time.

For any comments please contact Managing Director Kevin Chaplin on 021 447 1690

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