Message from our MD

What a wonderful journey 2017 has been, changing lives.Our youth skills development and training of 18-35 years old have been a great success, with 330 learners placed in employment, internships and a few starting their own businesses. Our learners give us hope for the future through their hard work and perseverance. Amy’s Bistro, where hospitality learners gain experience, hosted tour groups, corporate team building and cook-offs. Craft & Design, Beauty & Wellness classes grew steadily, also teaching business skills, workplace etiquette, and conversational English.Our new building is a legacy for generations to come. God certainly blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you to all our donors, supporters, and friends who made this amazing project possible.
Our five township centres continued to educate, develop, and empower 5-18 year olds to become emotionally well-rounded, contributing citizens. Classes in music, drama, dance, sport, literacy, greening & environment, and Peer Education with a strong emphasis on life skills has grown to include over 2000 children. A big focus is on assessing, monitoring, and evaluating the students, the programmes, curriculum, and lesson plans. Our Alumni Group is growing even though tracking students is never easy.

Our outreach partners in sport and performing arts made it possible to take learners out of the townships.None of this would’ve been done without the dedication of our committed co-ordinators, facilitators, office staff and volunteers from all over the world and the invaluable support of our generous donors and partners. THANK
As we bid 2017 farewell, we wish you well over the festive season and a prosperous new year. Together we can change lives!

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