Youth Skills Development

One of our biggest challenges in South Africa is the high risk of unemployment among young adults and school leavers. After leaving a committed primary school programme, students face the stagnant job market and the challenge of falling short in ‘soft skills’, vocational skills, and experience.

Participants complete our program with the skills to become economically active youth and active members of the job force. YSD students are granted the opportunity for internships and potential jobs at companies such as the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Relate Trust, Nandos, and International Hotel School.


To provide a sustainable and holistic youth-development programme for school leavers and unemployed youth from challenged backgrounds, where all achieve and succeed in life. In doing this, YSD participants contribute to a successful, prosperous, and non-discriminatory South Africa of which we are all proud.


To develop and empower individuals through systematic and structured, mainly practical (vocational) training and experiential learning interventions. By better equipping them for work, study or entrepreneurship, we aim to ultimately link them up with our development partners by way of career, study or business opportunities.


Our Hospitality Programme has proven very popular among our learners. This can largely be attributed to our state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, generously sponsored by Mac Brothers Catering Equipment. The three month training includes lessons about the important aspects of health, safety & hygiene, and an introduction to cooking.

Our learners are exposed to catering and event management through tour groups visiting our premises, corporate team building, and private functions. The majority of our learners are linked up with internships and ultimately employment opportunities, through our development/industry partners.

Beauty & Wellness

Our Beauty & Wellness Programme run in conjunction with Roxy Marosa Beauty Academy, consists of beauty training classes for learners who envisage beauty as a career and/or a business. Our courses cover business ethics & etiquette as well as various spa treatments including facials, massage, nails, and waxing/threading.

Craft & Design

Our Craft & Design workshops are fun and practical classes that encourage learners to explore their creative talents and abilities and to produce saleable products. Through basic sewing lessons, coaching, and mentorship, our Craft & Design classroom is a space that inspires opportunities for small designer business.

Soft Skills

In addition to our specialized skill programs, all YSD participants receive training in various skills which are vital for successful careers. During orientation and throughout the program, YSD students are able to learn basic numeracy & literacy, conversational English, C/V preparation & interview skills, and workplace etiquette & ethics.

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