Academic Support

The Literacy Programme supports advancement of low literacy levels among pre-school and primary school students. It includes the Foundation Phase for grades R-3 and the Intermediate Phase for grades 4-7. It runs in four different school centers from 15h30 to 17h00 every week Monday through Thursday. The programmes aim to develop a culture and love for reading by:

      • Supplementing the National English curriculum in fun and interactive ways to strengthen the English writing, reading, and speaking skills.
      • Running weekly reading clubs at the after school centers.
      • Inviting guests readers to read to our learners and to engage them in conversations surrounding the monthly theme.
      • Arranging educational outings that link to our monthly themes.
      • Running a morning literacy programme that supports English teachers in the classroom.
      • Training our facilitators to utilize word games, writing exercises, role play, and paired and shared reading to encourage practical use of the English language.

To volunteer as guest a reader please contact: